Montpellier, FR

Tarek Charbonnier is a name synonymous with Into The Woods and therefore Londons Underground minimal scene as a whole. As an integral part of the brand's history, Tarek has had an important role in assisting with Into The Woods and its program of events since its inception in 2015.

If you have been partying in London's underground scene then you have most likely caught a set from your favorite underground DJ's favorite DJ.

Having shared lineups with huge names like Petre Inspirescu, Shonky, Priku, Praslea and so many more, Tarek Charbonnier is a DJ whose record bag stretches deep through House music history and is a DJ set not to be missed.

Currently managing his own label alongside fellow Into The Woods Resident Krif, his A&R skills has also seen him release music from the likes of Kirik, Olivian Nour and been showered with support across the scene from the likes of Raresh, Janaret, Miroloja and many more.