Chicago, US

Behind a sly smile and genteel persona lies one of Chicago’s masters of the thoughtful, minimal soul-shaking house. Over the past several years, Max Jacobson has risen to the forefront of Chicago’s electronic music scene. From the city’s top clubs to its infamous underground spaces, a legion of fans has been electrified by Max’s unmistakable sound.

Combining a love of classic house with the deepest edges of the techno vanguard, Max’s ear is tuned toward swirling, moody atmospherics and stripped-down layered funk—His sets have the rare power to be all things to all people. The list of Max’s accomplishments is impressive.

His adventurous tastes have landed him international bookings in Berlin, Ibiza, France, Colombia, Mexico , and beyond. Max also founded Tied, a party series, record label, and podcast that anchors Chicago to its underground roots for the past 9 years. But what’s most exciting for Max is his blossoming production career. Described by Kate Simko as “the freshest new house producer in Chicago.

His releases have landed him recently in the past year on Yoyaku s AZE vinyl, Lowris’s Aeternum, Daydream, Constant Sound /Aesthetic, Honne Music and Kosmophono to name a few. Max has many new releases planned as well as a new alias with Christian Thomas called Ciphr with a big release schedule and a focus on all live modular set performances and marathon DJ sets.