London, UK

Kas’s musical journey dates back early 2013 when he first discovered electronic music, exploring a full spectrum of genres from house to techno whilst developing his ear and honing in on his own personal sound. Through these years of discovery, he has really crafted a sound that is evident in his productions. A real focus on making the simple, complex.

Manipulating sounds and textures to produce a glitchy, raw, and organic groove with an infectious bassline.

Currently, with a handful of independent releases under his belt, Kas has recently signed his breakthrough release joining the rooster at Nima Gorji’s infamous label NG TRAX. Other releases include Ranura Records, Unk Planet, Jamuse, Technical Glitch, and Ekoute Sa Poto with support from the likes of Modebaku, Direkt, Swoy Mihai Pol.