Launched in London during 2015 as a secret party, Into The Woods has firmly established itself as an international events brand before more recently in 2022 evolving into an Artist Agency and Record Label.

Quickly establishing itself as one of East London's most revered underground parties and with roots firmly planted in the forests of Hackney Wick, Into The Woods  has since expanded to takeover some of London's most iconic venues and spaces. The Into the Woods sound is always evolving through the innovative work of a talented team of residents & special guests.


Adam Shelton, Afriqua, Agustin Alvarez, Alejo Galvez, Alessia Ceruti, Alex Celler, Andreas Tome, Andy Luff, Anthea, Atipic (live), Azire, Brett Jacobs, Bruno Curtis, CAP, Cezar, Chris Liebing, Clovis, D'Julz, Dafoe, Dan Andrei, Dan Farserelli, Dean Marc, Djebali, Domenico Rosa, Geddes, Georgio Oniani, Giammarco Orsini, Greuceanu, Guti Live, Hash Hendrix, Haydn (UK), Herck (RO), Ion Ludwig, Jacob Husley, Janaret, Jane Fitz, John Dimas, Josh Rawl, Julian Perez, Junki Inoue, Kolo & Dyze, Kozo, Kas, Krif, Lamache, Lamine, Lee, Lion Bankman, Lizz, LSG, Luciano, Maayan Nidam, Markovela, Marlie, Martin Buttrich, Massai, Matteo Manzini, Meriem Teleb,  Mihai Pol, Monika Ross (AUS), Nacho Bolagnani, Novus Soundsystem, Ollie & Matt Dury, Peter Pixzel, Petre Inspirescu, Praslea, Priku, ROAR, Ronin, Rupert Ellis, Sammy Dee, Saytek, Scott Kemp, Shonky, SIT, Sofiane, Stuart Hawkins, Sublee, Suicu,, Tarek Charbonnier, The Willers Brothers, Thomas Melchior, Thomas Roland, Vincentlulian, Vlad Caia, Voigtmann, William Djoko, Yapacc, Youandewan.


London: Fabric, FOLD, E1, Printworks, Village Underground, The Steel Yard, Micks Garage, Dalston Roof Park, Star Lane Pizza Bar Europe: Rex Club (Paris), Club Der Visionaere, Fiese Remise (Berlin), Red 58 (Barcelona), Face2Face (Prague)