Zurich, Swtizerland

Since he can remember, music has always played a huge part in‘s Life.

Growing up in a small village in the north of swizerland, he already discovered his sense for the right tones and rhytms at an early age. Being the most influenced by vater a local club owner and especially by different cultures and the people he would meet througout his many journeys arround the world,

Producing music at the age of 25.‘s open mind as well as his creativity help him to recive new inputs which lead him to create various sounds.

As a DJ, has played many of the best clubs the world has to offer including Hoppetosse, Club Der Visonaere, Galerie Kurzeil, Fabric, Club Eden, Psrker Lewis and Elysia. 

Berlin, Bucharest, Timisoars, Pristina, Paris, Milano, Zürich are only a few of the cities in europe where he plays regularly in and there are many more to come.

hes first release was on his Own Vinyl Imprit RTC Series (inclouding a remix from Nu Zau, which also includes releases from the likes of Mihai Pol, and Alci